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There are not too many hunts more exciting than chasing Whitetails during the rut.

Located in  Lac La Biche, Alberta, about two and a half hours North of Edmonton. This is widely considered to be one of, if not the best zones for Big Northern Deer. Farmland and Swamp mixed with Big Bush and Timber, create perfect habitat which continually produces Mature Bucks. Hunting all thru November, the high deer population provides us the perfect opportunity to be selective and help you get your dream Whitetail. Depending on where and what the deer are doing determines how we will be hunting. We use 4X4 trucks, ATVs, and sometimes a little walking for access. Our most effective method of hunting is done from the stand. We use Tower Stands, Tree Stands, and Ground Blinds. These are set up on Fields, Cut lines or back in the Timber/Bush country on Scrapes and Natural Travel Routes. In the right situations, Spot and Stalk can also be quite productive. We provide heaters on cold days as required.